Samya's Journey

I was born in Argentina, came to England at age nineteen, and married my childhood sweetheart. Not knowing the language, I did a variety of jobs from cleaning to babysitting. At twenty-one, I opened my first boutique in Kensington Market and within 3 years I had four boutiques in London.

By the age of twenty-six my marriage came to an amicable end, for we had grown up to be different people in the twelve years we were together.

This particular time in my life was a painful one and at the same time very transforming … I decided to have therapy and go to India on a spiritual trail … where a nervous breakdown was transformed into a spiritual breakthrough …
I joined a spiritual community in 1976 where I underwent several types of therapy, and I also assisted others in transforming their lives, working in Japan and the US.

In Japan I led the integration of several therapy centres that were dispersed all over the country, into one centre in Tokyo. This required cultural and personal understanding to coach people that needed help with the transition.
While in the US, I was part of the leadership team of a five-year international project that combined spiritual growth with practical work and the re-development of arid land. During that time I worked therapeutically with homeless people enabling them to reintegrate socially. I was also the publisher of the international newspaper of the organization. My role covered organising its journalists and the photographers and formulating the overall message presented by this publication.
n 1985, coming back to England, I re-married and returned to the Fashion Industry – finding success in the corporate world. However, at the peak of my career working with designers of some of the most well know brands, I realized that my life was not heading where I wanted to go and within a few months I resigned from my position.

Losing my brother in 1998 broke my heart. It was difficult to comprehend that he will never be back in my life. Experiencing my parents’ and brothers’ pain added to the anguish. At that point I had to draw on everything that I had learned during my personal growth training in order to reach acceptance. Today, after so many years, I can remember my brother with joy and still feel connected.

In 1992 my husband and I adopted in Brazil, at birth, our two children. I became a dedicated, fulltime mother. In time, I realised that adoptee parenting requires healing qualities. To find and develop these qualities I needed to become attuned to the particular feelings and needs of adopted children.

With children reaching secondary school, I decided to go back to therapeutic work and joined Cruse Bereavement Care. I attended West Herts College and obtained a Diploma in Counselling. In Cruse I became a Clinical Supervisor, Trainer for the ABC Bereavement and the Supervisors Training Courses. I also act as a committee member of the organisation.
I have found my work with Cruse immensely fulfilling. I am humbled and privileged by hearing clients’ stories and I am inspired by their courage and perseverance at a very difficult time. My experience in this work has covered sudden death, traumatic death, suicide and impending death. I have counselled clients of all age groups.

After completing my Counselling Diploma I attended several courses with the Post Adoption Centre. Adoption has been a topic in my life since an early age. An adopted cousin, an adopted sister, several adopted members in my family and two adopted children gave me a first hand understanding of the adoption issues and the pain that goes with it for the adopted and adoptees.
I study Emotional Freedom Therapy and I am an EFT Practitioner.

Presently I run a private practice and I counsel clients with diverse issues: low self esteem, adoption, loss and bereavement, eating disorders, post traumatic stress disorder, stress, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, abuse, addictions, fear and phobias, relocation and transition; relationship, parenting and couples issues; and I can help with the loss of a loved pets.
I take my continuous professional development seriously, I keep up to date with new models of working and I attend workshops and courses regularly.

I hope that my story will give you a feeling for my life journey and the experiences encountered. I firmly believe that through each of these experiences I have learned lessons that will help me counsel and support people with the issues described on this website.